Orange guy is a Spacetime stick figure in the series "Some Stick Guys" and has the ability to go back in time one minute and erase all unsatisfactory events from the Universe's timeline. He is friends with Green Guy, Blue Guy, Yellow Guy, and Red Guy. Orange Guy has a similar fighting style to Red Guy or Yellow Guy.

Teleporting Edit

Orange Guy can only use his teleporting ability on things in the span of 24 hours that weigh 500 pounds in total (excluding himself), meaning anything that weighs exactly 500 pounds being teleported will cause Orange Guy to have all of his teleportation energy sapped immediately until 12:00 AM of the following day. Things can only be warped 200 feet away from where Orange Guy's current position is and cannot be teleported to a point where solid matter already exists.

Time Travel Edit

Orange Guy can only travel back in time and in the exact position he is in when he does so. He can only travel back at most two weeks and leave no impact on the future when he travels. Similar to his teleporting ability and its limit on weight, the time travel ability has a total limit on how far back he can go which is, as aforementioned, two weeks.